How to Mobilize your Slow Paying Invoices

Are you feeling frustrated due to your company’s current financial health? Are you clueless about strategizing on a concrete solution to restore your business’ cash flow?  You have applied to several banks for loans. In response, banks have quickly turned down your loan applications. Persistent cash flow issues like this brings the curtains down for many businesses. Your business may not meet the same fate unless you are proactive enough to avail services of an invoice factoring company, and tide your company through the financial mess.

A factoring company can provide precious funds to your cash-strapped business with specifically designed flexible financing process. You may not be aware of the factoring concept, and feel confused, but the factoring company you choose will take you through the entire process step-by-step. Once you get detailed clarification on the process, you will find it quite simple and convenient. You will realize that your company is holding some valuable assets in the form of accounts receivables or invoices. Your customers are supposed to make payment against these invoices once the payment terms (15, 30, 45 days etc.) are completed.

In order to have financing in a quick and flexible way, it is important that you choose the right account receivables factoring company for your organization. There is a plethora of factoring companies in the US, and each of them has different processes, services, and flexibility to offer. You need to find a factoring company that fulfills your financial needs completely and provide efficient services throughout.

The common factors for choosing the right factoring company for your business are below:

  • Fees – Check how much they are charging as discount fee, and what variance does it have from the standard fees in the market.
  • Penalties – Get clarifications on whether the factoring company charges a penalty or not. You may lose precious money if you have to shell out more in an already cash-crunch situation.
  • Experience – Its always recommended to choose a professional and experienced factoring company that can provide both flexible and personalized services while funding your business.
  • Turnaround Time – As you need immediate cash for your business, check how quickly and efficiently the factoring firm can respond to you with its funding decision. Also, how soon will you get an advance amount?

Considering the above-mentioned points are important since they will ensure that the factoring financing will be a win-win situation for the both parties.


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